Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club: 8am to 8.40am – please see the office or Ms Pettitt (year 6) for more details. £2.50 per day.

Deal Parochial CEP Breakfast Club

Dear Parents/Carers

At Deal Parochial CEP Breakfast Club we believe in creating a secure and positive environment for our children, actively encouraging and fostering independence. We strongly promote the school’s Christian Values of kindness, trust, friendship, respect, courage and forgiveness and feel this is evident in our daily practice. Our aim is to give the children a great start to their morning, allowing them to feel ready to face the busy day ahead.

When does breakfast club take place?

Breakfast Club starts at 8:00am on school days in the school hall.

It lasts for forty minutes after which children join their friends in the classroom for the start of the school day.

During warmer weather, the children are able to use the courtyard for outside play.


The menu for Breakfast Club is toast with a selection of toppings served until 8:20am.  Cereals, fruit juice, milk and water continue to be available until 8:30am. Fresh fruit is also served daily.

N.B. Unless you tell us otherwise we will assume your child has not already had breakfast and therefore ensure they eat before they go off to play.

Special dietary needs should be discussed directly with Miss Pettitt. A copy of our Food Policy is available on request. 

Due to guidelines set out by the Food Standards Agency, we kindly request that you do not send your children in with food or drinks of their own.

How much will the club cost?

The cost of the club is £2.50 per day for each child attending. This fee enables us to operate the club as a non-profit making enterprise.

Payment must be made on the day or in advance for a block of sessions.

All payments should be handed in to Breakfast Club staff in a sealed & named envelope.

Any payment of £12.50 or more shall be issued a receipt.

Where payment has gone into arrears, it may be necessary to ask you not to send your child/children until the overdue amount has been paid.

What do I do if I want my child or children to attend the club?

If you would like your child/children to attend Breakfast Club then please complete the attached registration form. It should be returned to the school office or Breakfast Club staff. This information is only kept for one academic year.

Any child from Year R to Year 6 can attend. We will ask you to sign your child up to attend the club for the forthcoming school year. Please update us asap if there are any changes to the information you have provided e.g. contact numbers or health.


Once you have registered, you can use the club whenever required throughout the year. You do not need to inform staff each time, just turn up as necessary.

New registration forms are sent out in Term 6 to register your child for the following academic year.

Who runs the club?

The club is run by Ms Pettitt with a team of helpers, Ms Holmes and Mrs Best.

Kind regards,

Miss N Pettitt (Breakfast Club Leader)

Revised and updated May 2019