Dover Schools’ Games – Tennis 2019

This year’s Dover Schools’ Games’ Tennis Tournament was held at Deal Indoor Tennis Centre (DITC) on 3rd April. For over 2 hours, there was a hubbub of tennis activities as 10 mini-tennis courts were in constant use as 12 teams Continue reading

Soda Geysers in Science Club

The fourth and final round of after-school science club sessions for this year took place on the much requested topic of “Soda Geysers”. The children had fantastic fun making a variety of soda geysers by dropping Mentos mints into 2 litre bottles of Continue reading

Superstars of Gymnastics

On Saturday 23rd March 2019, Deal Parochial took a small KS2 group of keen gymnasts to attend the afternoon session of the Superstars of Gymnastics, an exhibition event at the O2 Arena. It was fantastic to see so many world class gymnasts take part in Continue reading

Pfantastic Science with Pfizer

Pfizer gave us a “pfascinating” day of science on Friday 29th March. The scientists (including several parents of our pupils) ran four workshops for our KS2 children. The classes rotated around these workshops, which were about: 1) Coloured Fire. – How Continue reading

Cup Success for Deal Parochial’s Football Team.

Fantastic news! The Deal Parochial School’s football team won the Graham Stabbs Cup Final on Friday 15th March 2019, winning 2-1 in a very tough match against The Downs School. Mr Earl was very proud of all the boys that took part, as they showed great sportsmanship, Continue reading

Red Nose Day Fun

Both children and staff dressed in red for Red Nose Day. The day was a great success and raised just over £139; this will be split two ways, so supporting both Comic Relief and our school’s links with St Andrew’s Continue reading

Air-mazing Fun at Science Club

This round of science club sessions was all about Bernoulli’s Principle; this is where air pressure decreases with increasing air flow speed. The children had fun demonstrating this with a hair dryer and ping pong balls, as well as with Continue reading

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day was a great success at Deal Parochial. Pupils and staff alike, dressed up enthusiastically as their favourite book characters. All pupils were encouraged to follow DEAR: Drop Everything and Read, and some children enjoyed sharing a book Continue reading