New Mini Tennis Courts on our Playground

Last term, 3 mini-tennis courts were permanently marked out on our school playground. I’m sure you will agree that they are very smart looking and that they will provide more relevance to our children’s tennis play in school.   The Continue reading

Thy Kingdom Come

Jesus gave a glimpse of what God’s Kingdom will be like in a Bible passage known as the beatitudes.  The word beatitude comes from the Latin word for blessing.  In the older translations of the Bible each of the phrases Continue reading

Pentecost Service at St Andrew’s

Last Friday the whole school walked down to St Andrews Church to celebrate Pentecost together.  Father Roger and Father Paul explained about this special Chrisitian festival during which the Spirit descended onto Jesus’s disciples.  The children also learned about the Continue reading


This year, Deal Parochial entered all 3 boys’ age groups of the Kent LTA’s Primary Schools’ Tennis Team Tournaments. These events were all held in Bromley. The sponge ball tournament took place on May 16th, whilst the orange and green Continue reading

Christian Aid

The pupil council have been raising awareness towards Christian Aid Week. On Thursday 17th May, children wore red and white, made banners and had opportunity to carry out a long distance run over the course of the day. Thank you to all Continue reading

Toots the Dog Visits Year R

As part of their “Animals” topic work, Year R were thrilled to look after Mrs Brown’s dog for the day on Thursday 10th May. Mrs Brown introduced her lovely dog, Toots, to the children in the morning. The pupils then learnt all about how to care for a Continue reading

Food Technology at Goodwin Academy

On Wednesday 9th June, Year 4 visited Goodwin Academy for a lesson in Food Technology. They learned how to bake a sponge cake and how to add different ingredients to modify the flavour. Next they made butter cream, adding food colouring Continue reading

Bubbly Fun at After School Science Club.

Science club was all about bubbles this week. The activities started with making a big bowl of bubble solution. This involved including an unexpected ingredient: sugar. The children learnt that adding the sugar to the water and washing-up liquid would Continue reading