Sports Day

Dear Parents / Carers

I would like to express a huge thank you to everyone who assisted in the arrangements and setting up for our sports day that took place on Monday this week.

There is a selection of photographs taken by Mr Corby on display in the outside parent notice board for you to enjoy. My own evaluation of the event is that the children’s determination, athletic skills and competitive natures are certainly improving. I was very proud of their efforts and can certainly see a great positive improvement in how our Deal Parochial children take part in sporting events. This can be attributed to the energy and encouragement from Mr Earl, Mrs Hodgson, and the midday dinner team who coordinate activities or who run the sporty lunchtime and after school clubs and for consistently involving children in local sports competitions.

Of course I also want to thank you as parents for supporting the school and your children in taking part and attending the clubs and competitions.

Thank you

Justine Brown