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With ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5’ launching on 12/7/18, this #WakeUpWednesday catches up with 15-year-old Lucas to get a teenager’s insight into the game sweeping the nation. Valuable insight for parents and teachers alike! Watch the Fortnite insight video here:

You can download the free ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale Guide’ for parents & carers here:


The National Online Safety Team have created a FREE online safety guide on Minecraft.
Minecraft is played by millions of children around the world, who can use their imagination to build three-dimensional worlds with virtual building blocks in a digital, pixelated landscape. The risks that parents need to be aware of with this game include cyberbullying, “griefing”, online grooming and susceptibility to viruses and malware.
This guide aims to give parents and teachers practical tips on how to ensure this game can be enjoyed safely.
Please find this free guide for parents here:

The National Online Safety Team, as part of their #WakeUpWednesday campaign, have created a free guide for parents & carers for your school to share about ‘Live Streaming’ – a growing trend amongst children and young people across the globe. The guide is designed to inform parents and carers about the dangers of live streaming for their children and how they can help control the associated risks.
Please find the  free guide for parents  here:


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Please also see ‘The Online Safety (e-Safety) Contacts and References’ from Kent County Council