School Lunches

Healthy and tasty School Meals are cooked on the premises by our local school meals provider ‘Whole School Meals’. A ‘Full Meal’ is available at £2.30 per day (price for academic year 2019/20). The correct amount of dinner money for the week should be sent to school on Mondays in a sealed envelope, clearly marked DINNER MONEY with the Class Name and the amount on the outside of the envelope. Alternatively you can pay for a term, half-term or simply buy meals in “packets” of 5 from the Whole School Meals website.

Children may bring a packed lunch if preferred, which is eaten under supervision on the school premises. We encourage parents to make packed lunches as healthy as possible and discourage chocolate, high sugar and fat products. The Government now offers Universal Free School Meals to all children in EYFS and KS1.

May we take this opportunity to inform you that a child in KS2 is eligible for free school meals if you are in receipt of ‘Income Support’, ‘Income Based’ Job Seekers Allowance, Guaranteed Element of Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit. The School Secretary has the necessary forms on which to claim for free meals.

It is very important that parents who are eligible for FSM register this through the school office. Schools receive additional funding to support educational needs of these children to ensure equal  opportunities for economically disadvantaged children.

22nd May 2020

Please note that we can not accept cash payments for meals at this time. 

Below is the June / July 2020 Menu