Mrs Hodgson, who runs the Year 5 / 6 Kitchen Science Club, concluded our Comic Relief Day Assembly with some pre-Easter eggy science fun.
The arch-shaped structure of eggs makes them ‘eggtremely’ strong when any force is evenly placed across them. This was shown by volunteers trying to break eggs by squeezing them in the palms of their hands. One volunteer then proceeded to apply pressure with just their thumb, and much to everyone’s amusement, the egg went splat on the floor. This clearly demonstrated how much weaker the egg structure is, when pressure is applied to just a single point on the shell. – This also ‘eggplains’ how a mother hen can sit on her eggs without cracking them, but chicks can peck their way out of eggs.
Next, to further demonstrate the strength of eggs, a pupil stood on 2 cartons of eggs, with no egg casualties.
Then, as the grand finale, Mrs Porteous walked across 4 cartons of eggs with only 3 eggs slightly cracking.
An ‘eggcellent’ time was had by all.


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