Congratulations to Kian in Year 6 for being a ‘Top Banana’ and ‘Best of the Bunch’!

The year 6 class have all taken part in a knockout Bananagram competition. Bananagrams is a crossword spelling game for the whole family, where speed wins, not points. Players build interlocking puzzles similar to those in Scrabble. It is perfect for learning spellings and being a whizz at anagrams also helps!

Kian became our ‘Best of the Bunch’ and was then able to compete online against other ‘Best of the Bunches’ from around the country: over 1,000 of them! The aim was to find the top 12 Bananagrammers in the country and these would be invited to The Grand Final in London. By the closing date, Kian was in the top 12 and is off to the final in London! Well done, Kian. We all wish him the best of luck for the final which takes place at The Magic Circle headquarters in London on 29th April.


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