Science Club – Exploring the Effects of Air Pressure

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This term’s science club was all about air pressure.
The session commenced with the children performing simple experiments using water filled vessels that clearly demonstrated the presence of air pressure.
It was explained that air is made up of lots and lots of gas molecules that are whizzing around and bumping into each other and other things in a random manner; it is these random impacts of the molecules that leads to air pressure. The children then considered what would happen to air pressure if more air molecules were added to a confined space, (like a bicycle tyre). The children then had great fun performing the soda can jump experiment which worked due to increasing the air pressure underneath the can by blowing down between the inside of a mug and the can placed inside the mug.
The final experiment was a demonstration of the “airmazing” strength of air pressure. – Most of the air within an empty soda can was removed. This then allowed the can to be impressively crushed by just normal air pressure.  This was because the normal air pressure was much greater than the very low air pressure within the can.


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