Deal Parochial Tennis Challenge vs Wingham

On 26th May, we hosted a sponge ball tennis competition against Wingham Primary School at the Deal Indoor Tennis Centre.
Each school’s team was made up of eight children from Year 3 and below. Each child played a total of 4 singles games, meaning a total of 32 matches were played over the course of the tournament. There were many great rallies and good shots, with all the children appearing to enjoy this opportunity to play competitive tennis for their school, in a friendly environment. Following the competitive matches, there was then a chance for the Deal Parochial pupils to introduce their Wingham counterparts to their favourite tennis game: “Round The World”.
The afternoon ended with Deal Parochial winning the tennis challenge with 57 and 1/2 points to Wingham’s 38 and 1/2 points. Ms Vanessa Webb, Deputy President of the Kent LTA, presented medals to both the winners and the runners-up, prior to presenting the cup for this inaugural event to the team representatives for Deal Parochial: Ruby and Mia.
Well done to all the children from both Deal Parochial and Wingham for playing with such enthusiasm and sportsmanship in this event. Also, special thanks to Daniel and Arran, who umpired for us during their inset day and to Ms Vanessa Webb, for attending our event.


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