Well done Year 6 ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ performance was fantastic!

The Year 6 class supported by the Yr 5 Choir performed a musical version of C.S.Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew. The book was adapted by John Wakeman and the musical score was by Mrs.Spencer. Many parents worked together to create the props, programme, scenery and costumes and members of the local community helped with the set, lighting and sound. The Yr6 class were amazing and really rose to the challenge of  learning a demanding script and memorising difficult vocal parts. They were accompanied by a live band which made the Show have a real live theatre feel.
Donations were taken towards the work of Martha Trust as part of there Martha4Music Event and £171.65 was raised for this worthy cause.

Well done Year 6, you gave us a performance to remember for many years to come!
Mrs. Spencer


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