Deal Parochial Tennis Challenge 2018

On Friday 23rd February, we hosted our annual sponge ball tennis challenge against Wingham Primary School at the Deal Indoor Tennis Centre.
This year, all the matches were in doubles format; 4 doubles pairs from each school played each other in one round robin league, meaning a total of 28 matches were played. There was lots of good tennis on show, with many of the matches proving to be very close. The afternoon ended with Deal Parochial winning by 64 points to 48 points, and Evan and Liam T being the top doubles pair by winning all 7 of their matches.
Well done to all the children from both Deal Parochial and Wingham for playing with great spirit and sportsmanship. Also, thank you to our year 6 pupils, (George B, Nicholas, Kaitlin and Olivia), who helped run the tournament so smoothly.
Mrs Hodgson.