After School Science Club Investigates Viscosity.

The After School Science Club for Y5 and Y6 pupils has reformed for 2018. The first of these sessions took place on Wednesday 7th March and investigated viscosity.
Initially the nine pupils conducted soup can races. They determined that the thinner (and less viscous) soups performed best with the runaway soup champion being “Beef Consomme”. It was reasoned this was because the less viscous soups could easily move within their cans, as the soup cans rolled down the ramp. Consequently, not as much energy was needed to rotate the ‘less viscous soup’ cans since the liquid soup always stays as low as possible within the can, rather than churns around.
After the soup can racing, the children then had great fun making and investigating cornflour goo. They easily demonstrated how this non-Newtonian fluid gets more viscous (to the point of feeling solid) when pressure is applied. The cornflour goo was later binned in general waste in order to avoid blocking any sinks!
Mrs Hodgson