Thy Kingdom Come

Jesus gave a glimpse of what God’s Kingdom will be like in a Bible passage known as the beatitudes.  The word beatitude comes from the Latin word for blessing.  In the older translations of the Bible each of the phrases starts with the phrase “blessed are the…for they will……”

In the beatitudes Jesus gave a picture of what life in the kingdom of God will be like.  These phrases can be distilled into values.  Values that permeate the kingdom of God.   On Friday, 25th May we created a set of prayer stations around these values of God’s kingdom.  We set them up around the courtyard and for each prayer station the children participated in prayer activities.  We chose the values of Compassion, Peace, Justice, Foregiveness, Joy and Resilience.  Manned by the Year 6 children it was a very enjoyable, reflective day of prayer.