Pfantastic Pfizer Science Day

We had a fantastic day of science on Wednesday 20th June.

Scientists from Pfizer started the day with an exciting whole school assembly that explored the “Fire Triangle”. Children donned their safety spectacles to watch burning powders, metals, liquids and gases, with a few bangs along the way!

Afterwards the scientists ran four workshops for our KS2 children. The classes rotated around each of the workshops, which were about:

1) Acids and bases. – The children were fascinated by the different colour changes that happened when pH indicators came into contact with acids and bases.

2) Extracting DNA from strawberries.

3) Making carbon dioxide powered rockets. – This initially was on a small scale using kitchen ingredients to generate the carbon dioxide, and then the Pfizer Scientists used dry ice in water to blast a rocket high into the air, much to the excitement of the children.

4) Eyes and optical illusions.

Many thanks to Mr Henderson and the other Pfizer Scientists for giving us such an inspirational day of science.

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