KS1’s Tennis Club Finishes Year with a ‘Summertime Slam’ Competition.

There was a lovely hubbub of tennis activity on our playground yesterday afternoon as Mums and Dads, as well as an older brother and an older sister, joined our 13 young tennis players in the last session of the KS1 After School Tennis Club before the summer holidays.
Each of the children, with the help of their family member, took part in our Summertime Slam; we ran this as a fun festival of tennis drills and exercises.
It proved to be a very close competition with the eventual winner being Isaac S from year 1, and the runner-up being Jake A from year R.
After the tennis, all the participants and helpers were able to indulge in strawberries and cream before each of the children received a Summertime Slam certificate and a ‘Wimbledon Championships’ pencil.
Thank you to Kaitlin, from year 6, who compiled all the results so efficiently yesterday, and to Mrs Blackman and Mrs Lowe, both of whom have provided invaluable help to ensure the smooth running of the KS1 tennis club this term. Also, thank you to Mrs Blackman for preparing all the delicious strawberries (and melon) for yesterday.
Mrs Hodgson.