Sport Awards’ Assembly

On Thursday, we had our annual Sport Awards’ Assembly where children were celebrated for their sporting endeavours in football and tennis over the past year. Children deservedly received awards in the following categories:

Boys’ Football:
Players’ Player: Che (Yr 4)
Manager’s Player: Kai (Yr 6)
Most Commitment: James (Yr 6)
Most Improved: George B (Yr 6)
Sportsmanship Award: Nicholas (Yr 6)
Joint Top Goal Scorer: Ashton and Noel (both Yr 6)

Girls’ Football:
Players’ Player: Ruby (Yr 4)
Manager’s Player: Kaitlin (Yr 6)
Joint Most Commitment: Aggie (Yr 6) and Alisha (Yr 5)
Most Improved: Grace (Yr 5)
Sportsmanship Award: Ellie (Yr 6)

Player of the Year in KS2: Che (Yr 4)
Player of the Year in KS1: Noah (Yr 1)
Doubles Team of the Year: Liam (Yr 4) and Evan (Yr 3)
Outstanding Achievement: Jack (Yr 4), Bobby (Yr 3), Mia (Yr 4) and Oliver (Yr 4)
Outstanding Commitment in KS2: Jack (Yr 5)
Outstanding Commitment in KS1: Reuben (Yr R)
Sportsmanship Award in KS2: Anya (Yr 5)
Sportsmanship Award in KS1: Liam (Yr 2)
Most Improved in KS2: Luke (Yr 4)
Runner-ups for Most Improved in KS2: Jamie (Yr 4), Abigail (Yr 4), Adam (Yr 5), and George B (Yr 6)
Most Improved in KS1: Isaac S (Yr 1)
Runner-up for Most Improved in KS1: Daniel (Yr 1)