After-School Science Club – Using Red Cabbage Water to Indicate Acids and Bases.

2019 has seen the re-introduction of our after-school Science Club. This year, children from years 3 & 4, as well as from years 5 & 6, were invited to attend. The response was so overwhelming from our enthusiastic year 3’s that an additional session had to be factored in.  Consequently, over the course of 3 sessions in mid January, more than 30 children enjoyed learning about acids and bases. This was achieved by preparing red cabbage water that was then used to indicate the acidic and basic properties of a range of household liquids by colour changes. The pretty colour changes that occurred in the red cabbage water (due to it containing an indicator called anthocyanin) proved very popular with the children. Children followed this by experimenting with litmus paper, an indicator paper made from lichens.