Red Nose Day Fun

Both children and staff dressed in red for Red Nose Day. The day was a great success and raised just over £139; this will be split two ways, so supporting both Comic Relief and our school’s links with St Andrew’s Church’s Madagascan Charity.

Also, in recognition of Red Nose Day, everyone was treated to some Science Club entertainment during assembly. The children thoroughly enjoyed the panto-style audience participation before being left mystified as water seem to magically disappear two times. ( – Ms Watson was really relieved on the second occasion as the water cup had been inverted over her head!) It was then explained that science (and not magic) was responsible.

The water absorbing chemical that is used in nappies had been placed in the relevant cups. On addition of water, this chemical soaked up all the liquid and turned into a white gel which did not tip out when the cups were turned upside down!