Pfantastic Science with Pfizer

Pfizer gave us a “pfascinating” day of science on Friday 29th March.

The scientists (including several parents of our pupils) ran four workshops for our KS2 children. The classes rotated around these workshops, which were about:

1) Coloured Fire. – How different types of metals burn with different coloured flames.

2) Bones in the Hand. – Learning about the inner workings of our hands.

3) Hot and Cold Chemistry. – How chemical reactions can take in heat (endothermic) or give out heat (exothermic).

This workshop also involved “Zinc Bang”; where zinc was mixed with acid to produce hydrogen gas that was bubbled through washing-up liquid water. The resultant hydrogen bubbles were then set alight, much to the children’s excitement.

4) Microbe Mayhem. – Learning about how good washing technique is required to remove germs from our hands; a special hand gel that glowed under UV light was used to demonstrate this.

The day then finished with highlights from the workshops in a KS1 assembly.

Many thanks to Mr Henderson and his Pfizer colleagues for giving us such an inspirational day of science.

For more photographs from the day, please click here for our gallery.