Sports Awards’ Assembly 2019

On Thursday 18th July, we had our annual Sport Awards’ Assembly where children were celebrated for their endeavours in a range of sports over the past year. Children deservedly received awards in the following categories:

Boys’ Football:

Players’ Player: Luke (Yr 5)
Manager’s Player: Liam (Yr 5)
Most Commitment: Che (Yr 5)
Joint Most Improved: Beau (Yr 6) and Harry G (Y6)
Sportsmanship Award: Jack (Yr 5)
Top Goal Scorer: Harry C ( Yr 6)

Girls’ Football:                     

Players’ Player: Alisha (Yr 6)
Manager’s Player: Grace (Yr 6)
Most Commitment: Ava (Yr 5)
Joint Most Improved: Jasmine (Yr 6) and Abigail (Y5)
Sportsmanship Award: Millie (Yr 6)
Top Goal Scorer: Ruby ( Yr 5)


Player of the Year (Boys): Bobby (Yr 4)
Player of the Year in (Girls): Amelia (Yr 3)
Doubles Team of the Year: Evan (Yr 4) and Harley (Yr 3)
Outstanding Achievement: Liam (Yr 5) and Jamie (Yr 5), Ben (Yr 3) and Luca (Yr 3)
Outstanding Commitment (Boys): Bailey (Yr 4)
Outstanding Commitment (Girls): Demi (Yr 6)
Sportsmanship Awards: Nathan (Yr 3), Beau (Yr 6) and Callum (Yr 6)
Most Improved in KS2: Isla (Yr 3)                                                                                                                                    Most Improved in KS1: Jasper (Yr R)
Improvement Awards: Mia (Yr 5), Oliver (Yr 5), Naomi (Yr 3), Tyler (Yr 3), Isaac S (Yr 2), Isaac D (Yr 2), Oscar (Yr 2), Dexter (Yr 2), Tallula (Yr 2), Jayden (Yr 2), and Casper (Yr R).
Top Effort Tennis Awards: Harry (Yr R), Ben S (Yr R) Lily-Rose (Yr R), Alfie-Jorge (Yr 1), Savanna (Yr 1), Angel-Rose (Yr 4), Mitchell (Y5) and Anya (Y6).


Player of the Year (Boys): Noah (Yr 2)
Player of the Year in (Girls): Lucy (Yr 2)
Joint Most Improved: Marie (Yr 2) and Jaylan (Yr 1)


Athlete of the Year (KS2): Jake (Yr 3)
Athlete of the Year (KS1): Ella (Yr 2)

Outstanding Achievement: Tommy (Yr 6)
Sportsmanship: Alisha (Yr 6)


Swimmer of the Year (Boys): Harry G (Yr 6)
Swimmer of the Year (Girls): Elouise (Yr 4)


Year R Award Winners:


Year 1 Award Winners:


Year 2 Award Winners – they were having a ‘Kings and Queens’ Topic Day:


Year 3 Award Winners:


Year 4 Award Winners:


Year 5 Award Winners:


Year 6 Award Winners: