Deal Parochial Win Team Challenge Event at Canterbury Indoor Tennis Centre.

Canterbury Indoor Tennis Centre held a Team Challenge at its Polo Farm facilities on 12th October. The tournament was specifically designed to encourage players who do not play competitive tennis regularly. Even though the event was on a non-school day, our school team of Artie (Y4), Noah (Y3), Amelia (Y4) and Isaac (Y3) were all very enthusiastic to participate.

Nine teams took part, with the other eight teams representing their respective tennis clubs. We were drawn in the “Wimbledon” round robin box together with teams from Canterbury, Hythe, and Bethersden Tennis Clubs. Our players won all their matches against Canterbury and Bethersden, however, our last round of matches against Hythe proved very close. With Artie and Isaac winning their matches, and Noah and Amelia scoring enough points in their matches, we managed to beat Hythe by a single point. Consequently, we won the Team Challenge for our Wimbledon round robin box, much to all our delight.

Congratulations Artie, Noah, Amelia and Isaac; you all played wonderfully well, as well as displaying great sportsmanship and teamwork.

Mrs Hodgson.

As we were so proud of everyone’s endeavours, each player received a Deal Parochial “Top Effort Award” in assembly to celebrate their achievements.