Investigating Viscosity in After-School Science Club

After-school science club has started again at Deal Parochial.

Like last year, this is open to anyone in KS2. Over 50 children have signed up, so we have 4 different groups enjoying science club on a rotational basis.  

The first round of science club sessions investigated viscosity of different liquids.

We started with liquid races with water, sunflower oil, olive oil, washing up liquid, golden syrup, chocolate sauce and honey.  Honey was consistently the slowest and so the most viscous, and water was the fastest and the least viscous.

Next golden syrup was tested at different temperatures to show how it decreased in viscosity after being warmed up, and increased in viscosity after being made colder. The children learnt that liquids that changed viscosity with changing temperatures are known as Newtonian liquids.

The children then had fun making cornflour goo; they found it increased in viscosity as they squeezed it or slapped it. They learnt that this type of liquid, which changed viscosity when a force was applied to it, is a Non-Newtonian liquid.

The children’s final learning was to always put cornflour goo in the bin when finished with, as it would block pipes if washed down the sink!!!