Comic Relief Science Assembly 2021

Comic Relief Science Assembly 2021.
This year’s Comic Relief Science Assembly took place in the Year 4 bubble, whilst being streamed around to other class bubbles in the school. 
Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed watching Ms Warner and two of their classmates display apparent ‘Jedi Mind Powers’ over a double pendulum set-up. The science was then explained; the stop-go motion of each pendulum was due to the ‘Conservation of Energy’ and involved energy being transferred back and forth between the 2 pendulums. A single ‘Onion’ pendulum was then used to further explain the Law of Conservation of Energy, in that one form of energy can change to other types of energies within a system.
After the assembly, KS2 classes also had the chance to watch a video clip from the ITV programme “It’s Not Rocket Science” from back in 2016, which showed a super-sized pendulum experiment in a really fun and engaging way. Children could see how the Conservation of Energy always holds true, no matter the size of the pendulum system.