Big STEM Challenge 2022

The Big STEM Challenge 2022 is an inter-schools competition organized by the KM Charity Team to engage young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.
All three of our after-school science clubs have undertaken a science project during the early months of 2022 for this Big STEM Challenge.
The Y3 Sci Club learnt about air pressure so that they could investigate whether tennis balls bounce differently in Summer and Winter.  For a summary video of their project, see:


The Y5 ECO Sci Club researched making bioplastics and successfully made a bag from gelatine bioplastic. For a summary video of their project, see:

The Y6 ECO Sci Club researched and optimized making their own beeswax food wraps, which could be used as an eco-friendly alternative to cling film. For a summary video of their project, see:

Each of these videos were submitted as entries in May to the Big STEM Challenge.  Now that the competition’s closing date has passed, we thought that you would like to see the fantastic STEM work that our science clubs have undertaken.
We now have to wait to learn whether any of our projects are chosen to go forward to the Finals, which will take place at a Science Fair at Discovery Park in July this year.