Inter-Team Kwik Cricket Tournament – Yellow Team Wins.

Kwik cricket has proven very popular at Deal Parochial this term. – The Kwik Cricket Club for Years 3 and 4 during September was a great success. Also, we hosted the DLA’s Kwik Cricket Tournament here at Deal Parochial on 28th September and our Years 3 and 4 team played ever so well to reach the semi-finals of this event. – Both the club and the running of the tournament really benefited from the fantastic help from some of our keen cricketers in Year 6; thank you to Freddie, Noah, Amira, Chanel, Oscar and Lucy.

Given Kwik Cricket’s popularity in years 3, 4 and 6, we decided to run an Inter-Team Kwik Cricket Tournament. The weather forecast did not disappoint us, and we had wonderful sunny weather last Thursday afternoon for this event. Each team was made up of three experienced cricketers from Year 6 together with five younger players from Years 3 and 4. (- Given the amazing high number of red team cricketers in years 3 and 4, three of the Year 3 players kindly agreed to play on behalf of yellow team.)

The tournament started with red team playing yellow team; yellow team won with 239 runs to red team’s 221 runs.

Next was blue team verses green team. This was a higher scoring match with blue team winning with 260 runs against green team’s 234 runs.

The final between yellow team and blue team was an amazing match, full of tactics and great batting, bowling and catches. In the end, the match was decided by the final ball; blue team had posted a total of 239 runs and yellow team had reached 241 runs; a wicket would have led to a deduction of 5 runs and therefore a blue win, however, the year 4 batter for the yellow team hit a six from the final ball and secured the win for Yellows.

Well done to all the teams for playing so well and with such good sportsmanship, and congratulations to Yellow Team for being our inaugural Kwik Cricket Champions.