Canterbury Cathedral Schools Day – November 2023

Our Year 6 class travelled to Canterbury to take part in the annual Cathedral Schools Day at the Cathedral, focusing on a theme of looking after and preserving special places. The day gave children the opportunity to turn their hands to the ancient arts of stonemasonry and stained-glass window making, as well as engaging in drama, music, book making, costume trails around the Cathedral, and prayer spaces, amongst other things.

During their time in the prayer spaces, pupils and adults spent time ‘Dwelling in the Word’ focusing their curiosity, questions and observations on the story in Matthew 21 where Jesus turns the tables in the temple. This then enabled them to respond to the passage in their own way.

Many were struck by the themes of justice, responsibility, actions, not just words and using their emotions. Some of the responses included reflection, using prayer labyrinths, praying for the world, praying for the environment, journaling and


In the afternoon, the schools gathered together for inspiring pupil-led acts of worship in the Cathedral Nave. Children led the service, gave a talk, shared prayers and led people in the sung parts of the worship. Each day the pupils were joined by an archdeacon, and Bishop Rose shared in worship with the schools on the first day.