Eco Club

Thank you for looking at our page. Welcome to our Eco Club Page. Here you will find information about Deal Parochial Eco Club

Aims: To learn about our environment; locally and worldwide, those we share it with and how we can help protect or improve it.

How? By looking at ways of reducing, re-using and recycling. Upkeep of our ‘Wild Zone’.Taking part in surveys, data collection and actions to support charities such as the RSPB.

Generation Green
Good news. We have reached our first goal, gaining over 22,000 ‘leaves’ and we are looking forward to receiving our chosen rewards. These include a compost bin, a wormery and water butt, insect houses for the Wild Zone, bird feeders and fruit trees.

A huge thank you to those families and friends who have helped us reach our target.

Luckily it is not too late to get involved as we now need to start all over again. You can access the Generation Green website through the Eco Club link on the school website, to find out ways of earning ‘leaves’ for the school. It will cost you nothing except a few minutes of your time.

We are continuing our collections of used printer cartridges and mobile phones. These should be handed into the school office or your class teacher for my attention. Please be aware that no-one else has been asked to collect these on Eco Club’s behalf. We almost have enough for our first collection so please keep them coming and look out for the amount raised in our next newsletter.

Fat Feeders
Thank you to all of you who have purchased our fat feeders. We hope they brought some new feathered visitors to your gardens. Those placed in the Wild Zone were quickly pecked away. Thanks to your generosity we raised £10 for Eco Club funds. Thankfully we were completely sold out, so for those of you who missed out this time, we hope to make another batch before the end of term.
Once again I would like to thank all who have supported our efforts this year. It really is very much appreciated.

Click Here to visit our Generation Green Site