Breakfast Club

April 2021 – Breakfast Club Update

We are pleased to be able to confirm that we will be fully reopening Breakfast Club for our families from Monday 8th March.

We can take up to 20 pupils, however, please note that it is now essential to pre book sessions in advance. We also ask that if your child cannot attend a booked session for any reason, that we are informed. Please email or cc Ms Pettitt directly as she is the breakfast club coordinator,

All booked places must be paid for.

The club will take place in the school hall as usual. We ask that at drop off time, parents wear a mask and supervise their child in the EAC whilst they wash their hands before coming into the hall. Children can then enter the hall through the usual fire door that will open at 8am.

Parents are asked not to enter the school hall. If you have any messages for staff, please write these on paper or email through to the school.

Children will need to sit at an allocated bubble table and their breakfast will be served at the table, rather than the usual self-service. There will be some limited play equipment available because we cannot cross contaminate the equipment across the bubbles and we will do our best to engage the children and ensure they are happy and safe. Staff will then clean the equipment, ensuring that it is safe for the next group and escort children to their respective classes.

We will open the doors at 08.00 am and the children will be escorted to class at their usual time.

The charge is £2.60 per pupil. Please note that we are now operating a cashless payment system.

We ask that all payments be made in advance – for a minimum of weekly attendance or for a larger block of sessions.


The menu for Breakfast Club is cereal and / or toast with a selection of toppings. There will also be fresh fruit. In colder weather, we also serve porridge. There is always juice, water and milk available.

A copy of our Food Policies are available below. 

Due to guidelines set out by the Food Standards Agency, we kindly request that you do not send your children in with food or drinks of their own.

Special dietary and/or medical needs should be discussed directly with Ms Pettitt.

All payments are cashless:

We are now signed up to the ParentMail system to manage registers and payments. It is therefore essential that you are signed up and we hold your current contact details.

This enables you to check your current balance, regardless which format you use for payments, and also to make direct payments to your account.

Payments must be made in advance.

You can also pay using the following details.

Account name – DEALT

Sort Code – 30-93-34

Acc. No. – 62081168

Ref – DealPBC (followed by your child’s name)

We are signed up to the government tax-free childcare scheme. If eligible, you can claim up to £500 every 3 months for each child attending, to help with childcare costs.

If you choose to pay by this method, please ensure you also reference your payment.

Further information can be found at

We also accept other childcare vouchers and these should be paid into the DEALT account with an appropriate reference. Please ask about this option if you are unsure. We kindly request that if paying by this method, a minimum payment of £10 is made.

Please be aware, if paying by methods other than ParentMail, it can take up to two weeks to show on your account.

A receipt can be issued on request.

Where payment has gone into arrears, it may be necessary to ask you not to send your child/children until the overdue amount has been paid.

What do I do if I want my child or children to attend the club?

If you would like your child/children to start using Breakfast Club, please complete the attached registration form. It should be returned to the school office. This information is only kept for one academic year. We will ask you to sign your child up to attend the club for the forthcoming school year.

Once registered, you can use the club whenever you need it. We just ask that you email Ms Pettitt to pre book the sessions.

Any child from Year R to Year 6 can attend.

Please update us asap if there are any changes to the information you have provided e.g. contact numbers or health.

If you have any questions or queries, that are not addressed in the further information below, please contact me via email:

Food policy

Registration Form

Letter to parents