Global Science Week

What a fantastic week we had for Global Space Week.

On Monday, children enjoyed Mrs Hodgson’s outside workshops on Rocket Launching and Newton’s Third Law of Motion; they learnt how the former relies on the latter with the help of a skateboard, spinning soda geysers, stomp rockets and an air pressure soda bottle rocket.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Mrs Hodgson delivered her Telescope workshop to each class. Children were fascinated by light experiments which demonstrated how lenses work. Children also learnt how telescopes have evolved over time and that the James Webb Space Telescope (due for launch on 18th December this year) will see the universe in infra-red light. Many thanks to Pfizer who very kindly lent us a thermal camera to help the children understand about infra-red light.

Global Space Week concluded on Thursday with a visit from the Planetarium at the Observatory Science Centre in Herstmonceux, Sussex.  An utterly cosmic experience was had by all the children and the Planetarium was filled with awe and excitement throughout the day.