St Faith’s Football Tournament

On October 20th Year 5 and 6 girls took part in their second cup tournament of the season at St.Faiths School in Ash. Deal Parochial were in group A along with Whitfield, Whitecliffs, River, Sibots Would and Cartwright and Kelsey primary schools.

The girls continued their fine run in matches, and are still yet to concede a goal, each game against Deal Parochial resulted in 0-0 draws.

Despite the score lines, the draws did not reflect the attacking, midfield and defensive prowess of the girls in their respective matches and on numerous occasions Isla, Ellen, Ella and Tabby all had chances to score but the opposition’s resilience kept Deal Parochial at bay.

Naomi, Phoebe, Olivia and Ella were defensive rocks with Naomi making 4 outstanding saves from long range whilst Matilda, Amy and Isla pulled the strings in midfield. 

Again the team spirit of the girls was phenomenal. Fair play and respect to their opposition was shown throughout the event.

A big thank you to all the parents who helped with transport to St.Faiths and the support that was shown to the girls throughout the tournament.

Mr Earl

Sports Coach